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This is the Motley Crew’s Dreamcatcher. The outer kid leather reminds us that an animal has died… and so we hold to our dream with reverence and compassion for all of life. The inner silk is from the same fabric as ‘the keeper of the light discs,’ which you will read about in book two, Tane Mahuta:The Lord of the Forest. What is inside the dreamcatcher? Semi precious stones, for example there’s pink quartz crystal, and this is why… An elven lass, locked eyes and carefully wrapped her soul to mine. Taking my hand, she caressed it gently, turning it palm up. Her cupped hand held a secret… it covered mine and she said, “This is for you.
Pink crystal.
It is the stone of unconditional love.
It is.
And the stone for gentle love.
That too.
Magic is our birthright.
This is our magic.”
Well, there are many other ‘bits and pieces’ each symbolic, and with it’s own true story of origin and being. Perhaps one day we’ll have a competition to ‘guess what’s inside the Motley Crew’s Dream catcher’. Meantime, one item I suspect you’d never guess - is the mop off the end of Aslan’s tail - well actually, in truth, it is a gold tassel off a cushion, but that’s where the magic comes in. In Chippewa-Ojibwa culture a loose net or web is woven on a willow hoop. This is decorated with sacred and personal items such as beads and feathers. Traditionally the Dreamcatcher hung above the bed to filter a person’s dreams. Good dreams pass through, and slide down the feathers to the sleeper. Bad dreams are trapped and perish with the new dawn light. The tradition of the hoop emphasises and symbolises strength and unity. All of this links us to the compassionate dream of the Motley Crew Animals…