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Kapiti Island is Te Motu – The Island

This mural was painted by Kapanui (in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast) school pupils, and is used with kind permission of the Kapanui School Board of Trustees.

This is how ‘it works.’
You are welcome to read, see below, at no cost to Chapter 65 Departure. This is Ginger’s address to his Motley Crew family, prior to their leaving home for ‘The Battle of the Gap,’ which is the fourth confrontation between our heroes, and Arannita’s gang of people smuggling endangered ‘wild life.’

You’ll see there are two chapter 65’s, a ‘tell’ and a ‘show’ version. Ginger and Phantaloom would like you to decide which you prefer.


To find out what happens, as the Motley Crew develop action to end Te Motu, you may purchase the code, and access from Chapter 66 BANG… Phisss… Floppita through to the end in Chapter 82 Ablative Raptor.


Nga Motu

Taniwha and deep-sea monsters come to mind… it’s a lovely mural sparking our imagination. It was also painted by Kapanui (in Wakanae on the Kapiti Coast) school pupils, and is used with the kind permission of Kapanui School Board of Trustees.

Te Motu and Nga Motu both translate from the Maori language to 'The Island' in English. But, which one you would use in talking, depends on how many people you are addressing.


To purchase the code, please deposit New Zealand $ 27.00 into Paypal. Please make certain to put your initials and family name in the Reference line. Now, send the Motley Crew an email mca@motleycrewanimals.co.nz with your initials and family name in the Subject line.

Ginger and Phantaloom thank you very much, and will reply with their code for you.